Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The J J Cahill Memorial High School Presentation Day

Ron Hoenig MP congratulating Yusuf Nayir 
It is such a pleasure as an ex-student of The J J Cahill Memorial High School to walk through their front doors last week as a special guest to attend celebrate the student’s achievements at their 52nd Annual Presentation Day. 

The hall was filled with parents and students and as I sat on the stage looking at the audience remembering my time at J J Cahill. I still can’t work out how in my day 1000 kids fitted into that school hall. There is now some 650 less students attending, something of which I am concerned about.

I was pleased to hear that the teaching staff continue to target literacy and numeracy and raised the number of students achieving the national benchmarks in the NAPLAN tests. That is something of which they should be proud. I also noticed that the school infrastructure and facilities continue to be improved with new paint, new flooring, nursery and vegetable gardens re-established.  In the New Year there are plans to pave and complete the outdoor learning area. It is wonderful to see that the school is always looking to improve its facilities and make it a nice place for the student’s learning environment.

I had the honour in presenting The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award and also the Outstanding Leadership Award to Year 10 Student Yusuf Nayir. Yusef is a natural leader. He leads by example, modelling maturity and ethical behaviour to his peers consistently. He has represented the student body on school committees, with an awareness of his responsibility to speak on their behalf, and done so well. Well done Yusuf, you should be very proud.

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