Thursday, 5 December 2013

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School Waterloo

Ron Hoenig MP with John Farrell, Principal standing in from the student vegetable garden
I must say I had an inspiring day yesterday as I visited Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School in Waterloo and spent some time with Mr John Farrell, Principal of the school. Mr Farrell is clearly is an inspiring, well respected leader who understands his student’s and his community's needs.

I had the opportunity to speak with the Year 6 school leaders who shared their school experiences with me and what they most loved about it. Each student made it clear that they love a school excursion filled with adventure. The students at Our Lady of Mount Carmel get to experience their culture through adventure whilst learning and also see it as a time to build on friendships and relationships with their peers and teachers. I too shared my stories and I must say I was really pleased to be able to hear their enthusiasm in their words towards the school.

As I walked around the school with Mr Farrell not only could I see a truly dedicated Principal but one that has a real sense of his community and what I liked most about speaking with him was his attitude, that he recognises problems as opportunities to make a change. I would say that Mr Farrell is doing a rather remarkable job and congratulate him on the success of the school.

I also got to pop my head into some classes and I was overwhelmed with how much the students wanted to engage with me and tell me what they were doing. The Year 3 class treated me to a story. This is exactly why I love being a Member of Parliament, so I can engage with the younger generation and hear about how their dreams and how they want to make a difference to the community.

I look forward to attending the schools concert and speech day in the next two weeks

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