Friday, 6 December 2013

Green Square School visit

Ron Hoenig MP & Patrick Faucher with student's model race track
Through the work of dedicated and committed teachers, I yet had another inspirational school visit experience as I visited the Green Square School at Waterloo.

Relieving Principal, Patrick Faucher took the time out to speak with me about the work their school does and as he spoke I realised that teachers weren’t teachers anymore they were leaders, friends, supporters and confidants to the students.

Green Square School is a specialist school that provides a 12-18 month program to students who are behaviourally challenged. Students then return back to their mainstream school after that period. Mr Faucher told me that most students have such a great experience at the school that they don’t want to leave. I could see how that would be the case with the way that Mr Faucher spoke about his initiatives in providing opportunities for the students such as healthy eating program and working with the NRL South Sydney Rabbitos Football Team through the "Souths Cares" programs as they come to the school and act as teachers aids. This is what makes a real difference to the students.

I also had a tour of the school and was told that the students are in the middle of designing their very own remote control car racing track. I even had the opportunity in seeing the impressive model, drawn to scale. What an enormous achievement this is for the students.

As I visit the local schools, I must say I am very pleased that I have such awe aspiring teachers and students within my electorate. This makes me proud to be be their local member and one day see them a contributing significantly to the community.

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