Friday, 20 December 2013

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School, Waterloo Presentation Day

John Farrell(Principal), Apollo Vo_Truong, Ron Hoenig MP
I regarded it a privilege to return to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School at Waterloo this week for the school's presentation day. Last week I attended the school's Christmas concert where I was so amazed and proud of the talent of the children.

The work done by principal John Farrell and his staff is just inspirational. The children are delightful. A wonderful environment has been created.

The school has partnered itself with organisations and people that provide the marvellous support for its students. One program I would like to mention is the breakfast program that runs on a Monday and Friday morning. The program is sponsored by the Red Cross and is conducted in partnership with the local PCYC and community volunteers. I would like to thank the Red Cross and the local community for their terrific support over the year as you are making positive contribution to these great students.

The Ron Hoenig MP Outstanding Leadership Award went to Apollo Vo-Truong who showed excellent leadership potential and took on an active leadership role in his school and local community. Well done Apollo.

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