Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mascot Public School Annual Presentation

Ron Hoenig MP with Patrick Rabbitt who was awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award
As I walked into Mascot Pubic School this morning for their Annual Speech and Presentation Ceremony I felt a real excitement in the air, as all the young students creating a buzz anticipating who will be recognised for their achievements and who will win the awards.

It was such an honour to be invited to attend this presentation day, I grew up in Mascot and it is certainly a place that I identify with and can call my home town. The local community and this very school is what makes Mascot just what it is.

I had the pleasure in presenting some awards including the Ron Hoenig MP Outstanding Leadership Award to Year 6 student Patrick Rabbitt. Patrick is the 2013 School Captain who demonstrates exemplary leadership and encapsulates the school motto ‘strive to achieve’.

I also had the honour in presenting the Annette McKeown Geography Award on Ms McKeown’s behalf as unfortunately she could not be there today. Ms McKeown was Mascot Public Schools Principal, who this year after nearly 40 years of service to public education retired as Mascot’s Principal. Ms McKeown did say once that “this has been the very best school I have ever had the joy of working in”. That says a lot about the community and the dedication of the teachers and parents towards their student’s whole educational experience.
Ron Hoenig MP presenting students with the Annette McKeown Geography Award

I would like to congratulate the Haque twins Nibras and Nafee as they were both awarded the School Dux, all the students who won their year awards for academic and sporting achievements. I would also like to congratulate the new School Captains Maxsim Kasalovic and Josie Karanikolas and wish them all the very best in their leadership role for 2014.

I would also like to thank Ms Tina DeAngeli Acting School Principal, Cr Stan Kondilios President of the P&C and teachers and parents for your support and ensuring our local children get every opportunity to do their very best.

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