Saturday, 14 December 2013

St Peters Public School Annual Presentation

Ron Hoenig MP with Ryan Newton 
I had the pleasure in attending St Peters Public School annual speech day and what a wonderful presentation it was.

Principal Jeff Lie, teachers and students took the guests on a journey of the year that was. As I sat and listened to the Principals address and hearing the students talk it was apparent to me that the students really get to have an all rounded educational experience at this school. St Peters is a small school that does not let opportunities for the students pass by.

I was pleased to hear that the school’s Recorder group had the opportunity to attend the state wide Festival of Instrumental Music and perform at the Opera House. What a fantastic accomplishment, all students in that recorder group should be very proud. I had the privilege of hearing this talent as the students opened the presentation day with a musical performance.

There were many performances during the presentation and it is so wonderful to see the students so proud and confident and embrace their learning experiences.

In the beginning of 2013 three of the Year 6 students wrote themselves a letter that they would read out later in the year during the annual presentation. As they read their letter, they reflected on what they thought Year 6 would be like, their memories, they shared laughs and looked forward to their new chapter in life as they head to high school next year.

It really is refreshing attending school speech and presentation days as the students show so much excitement and enthusiasm to learn, it makes me feel proud that so many young people look forward to being a good citizen in our local community.

I would like to congratulate all the students including the Year 6 graduates for their achievements in 2013. I would like to also congratulate Ryan Newtown for being awarded the Ron Hoenig MP Outstanding Leadership Award.

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