Tuesday, 10 December 2013

City of Botany Bay Seniors Christmas Party

Margaret Ellery, Ron Hoenig MP and Velda McNeilly
The Coronation Hall, Mascot was again the setting for the City of Botany Bay’s Annual Senior Citizens Christmas Party. Yesterday 300 senior residents gathered and enjoyed an evening of entertainment, refreshments and dancing.

I was delighted to catch up with many friends and senior’s groups as we came together to recognise and celebrate Christmas and the valuable role our seniors play in our community.

Michael Daley MP, the popular Member for Maroubra was there learning a few lessons from the experienced Botany Seniors. I always say there is no substitute for the knowledge of our seniors gained from the “University of Life.”

Congratulations to Mayor Ben Keneally, Councillors and staff for hosting this wonderful event. Botany Bay City Council really does look after and care for our senior residents.

Cr Greg Mitchell, Deputy Mayor George Glinatsis, Michael Daley MP, Mayor Ben Keanelly, Ron Hoenig MP, Cr Christina Curry and Cr Brian Troy

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