Thursday, 6 June 2013

The lazy, do nothing O'Farrell government exposed

In the Daily Telegraph today its State Political Editor Andrew Clennell in an articled entitled “O'Farrell needs a shot of courage to act on behaviour of Minister Greg Pearce” expressed his opinion of the O’Farrell government as: 

“This affair is the best example of a lazy, arrogant government, which thinks it can hide behind the ICAC scandal and a record electoral margin.”

On the 24 May I wrote, referring to another well written piece by Mr Clennell in the Daily Telegraph that day, entitled "Top 'fix-it blokes Nick Greiner and Paul Broad abandon Barry O'Farrell" that "the downhill spiral of the O'Farrell government has started."

I wrote that Mr Clennell’s article had, "in effect, exposed Premier Barry O’Farrell for who, in my opinion he really is; just another politician, just interested in being there, providing no intellectual leadership, and no genuine intellectual agenda.”
The Labor party’s position in relation to Minister Pearce has been put by Opposition Leader John Robertson which I support. The issue I have been repeatedly talking and writing about is the ability of this Liberal Government to actually govern. I wrote on the 24 May:

“Mr O’Farrell on the other hand has demonstrated no philosophical position in relation to anything. Milking every political advantage that he can from the ICAC allegations, holding up Westconnex and the North West Rail link as Infrastructure successes, having white papers on Planning reform and Local Government. But after more than 2 years as Premier it is all just talk. 

Almost since I have been elected to parliament, I have been warning that the Westconnex is just a line on a map, no costings, no designs, no planning, nothing. As Mr Clennell wrote; 'Two years later, not one sod has been turned...' 

I would be the last person to advocate Mr Greiner’s policy positions are correct; but at least he has one. If people, when they elected Mr O’Farrell, believed they were electing a person that could provide genuine intellectual leadership to this state they must certainly be disappointed by now.”

I rest my case.

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