Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Premier O'Farrell needs to reverse dangerous cuts to offenders supervision program in this years budget

The O’Farrell Liberal Government needs to reverse its dangerous decision to cut $5.7 million and 73 jobs from the program designed to supervise serious sex and violent offenders in the community.

This cut is has been highlighted following a woman being attacked at a bus stop last week, allegedly by a man released on parole only months earlier after being jailed for the murder of a 17 year old woman in 1990.

This year’s budget papers* (budget paper 3, 2-15) reveal:

·       $5.7 million is being cut this year from the Supervision of Offenders in the Community Service Group; and
·       At least 73 full time jobs are being slashed from the offender supervision program.

Following the horrific attack in Hunters Hill only a few days ago, it defies belief the O’Farrell Government would reduce supervision for violent offenders. Our supervision system has failed, so why on earth would the Government seek to further reduce the monitoring of offenders in our community?

These budget and staff cuts mean there will be even less supervision of violent offenders in our community. Cost cutting from offender supervision programs that are designed to protect the community is incredibly dangerous. It neither protect the community or reduces recidivism of offenders.

People across the Eastern Suburbs and Inner Southern region have a right to feel safe regardless of whether they are in their own home, waiting at a bus stop or walking alone down the street. If the O’Farrell Government is serious about protecting the community, they would reverse these dangerous funding cuts to offender supervision programs today.

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