Monday, 24 June 2013

Community sees red over State Government rezoning proposal in Randwick City

Randwick Mayor Tony Bowen says the State Government has left the community in the dark about its plans for the two Urban Activation Precincts proposed for Randwick and from Maroubra to La Perouse. 

“Many people are concerned about these proposals. Given the little detail we have seen has included mass rezoning plans for Anzac Parade that could see tens of thousands of new homes built in towers potentially up to 18 storeys, it is no wonder residents are alarmed,” Mayor Bowen said.

“Ever since the Planning Minister’s now infamous ‘blurry maps’ were sent to us in December 2012, we have been asking for more information. The State Government needs to tell us what it is up to.”

“But there’s no information coming and the community is now rightfully demanding answers. The southern urban activation precinct will be the most significant changes in generations to hit the suburbs of Maroubra, Matraville, Malabar, Chifley, Little Bay and Phillip Bay.

“In good faith we have attended some ‘steering groups’ set up by the State Government but when we asked for concrete information we have been stonewalled and even accused of scaremongering. I am concerned these meetings are a “Claytons” approach to consultation, designed to leverage Council’s good reputation and give the community the false impression the project is a joint initiative with Council when in fact the community’s voice has been silenced.

“I’ve sought a meeting with the Minister to discuss my concerns with the process initiated by his department and the lack of information available to us. I am yet to receive a satisfactory response despite filling out a range of meeting request paperwork and red tape that is apparently required to speak with a State Government minister.

“I’m very concerned this Urban Activation process seems to be ploughing ahead without any proper consultation or meaningful information available to residents, especially given this government promised to return planning powers to local government, and has also advocated the community having a greater say in the planning process,” Mayor Bowen said.

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