Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tempe Public School P & C Meeting

I was delighted last night to attend the P & C meeting at Tempe Public School. P & C Associations are such a vital part of the success of any school. It enables parents and citizens for that matter to determine the needs and aspirations of the school community.

It is really important for parents, if they can, to involve themselves with the school community. I know in the Tempe community you would be more than welcome This way parents, children, and teaching staff can work in close co-operation to not only assist teaching staff in developing school policy but also assist in providing equipment required by the school.

One item of equipment that the P & C is proposing is "Our New Playground" where funds of about $100,000 is need to update 20 year old play equipment. I offered my support for fundraising for this very worthwhile project.

I was also able to inform the P & C of the successful outcome I have had on their behalf with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in relation to the safety of students crossing the Princess Highway, between Barden Street and Fanning Street, Tempe. RMS have advised me that they will make adjustments to the traffic lights on the Princes Highway, to improve the visibility of the pedestrian crossings. Traffic lanterns will be tilted at both the Union and Gannon Street intersections. This action by RMS is welcome news and I will continue to monitor this location to determine if this action resolves the current unsafe situation for our school children.

I also provided an update on the Government’s WestConnex project and shared my views and concerns on this issue.

I look forward to joining the Tempe Public School community again in September 2013 as we celebrate the school’s 150th anniversary. 

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