Sunday, 9 June 2013

Stop massive overdevelopment in the Kingsford Area

The O’Farrell Liberal Government is trying to massively increase the density and population in the Kingsford area with the announcement of an Urban Activation Precinct.

The Government policy is to “substantially increase housing supply” in Anzac Parade and Houston Road, Kingsford bringing in thousands and thousands of more people and according to your council this will involve apartment blocks of up to 16 storeys.

16 storey apartment buildings in Kingsford will overlook almost all of the backyards inthe Kingsford/Kensington area and choke an already congested road, public transport and hospital system.

The O’Farrell Government wants to implement this plan though local councils.  I will fights these plans in Parliament but need your help by contacting your local councillor to let them know what you think about these plans.

I have included below contact details of your local Councillors that represent that part of my electorate.
Randwick City Council:
Councillors in Heffron

West Ward

Councillor Greg Moore
Councillor Scott Nash
Harry Stavrinos

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