Monday, 17 June 2013

GST revenue, taxes and debt up - but O'Farrell government has nothing to show for it

Despite GST revenues increasing, taxes at an all-time high and debt ballooning to record levels – the O’Farrell Government still has nothing to show for it.

Now, Treasurer Mike Baird is trying to claim he will need to make even more cuts to frontline services in his third budget tomorrow.

This is despite the fact that last year, the Treasurer got his own numbers wrong by more than $1 billion – and the State’s finances were actually in surplus.

“This is the highest taxing government in the history of NSW, but they have absolutely nothing to show for it,” Shadow Treasurer Michael Daley said.

“Mike Baird is collecting more GST than ever before, more stamp duty than ever before, and collecting more fines from drivers than any treasurer in the State’s history – but he isn’t getting on with the job and building the infrastructure the State needs and was promised.

“The O’Farrell Government has increased net debt by more than $7 billion and net debt is set to triple – yet there is no start date, final route or costings for the WestConnex. It is nothing more than a fuzzy line on a map.

“We are told the Government’s key election promise, which has now become a watered down North West Shuttle Service, is going to take at least three terms of Government to eventuate.

“The O’Farrell Government inherited an AAA rated economy and a $1.3 billion budget surplus.

“There is a simple question for the Treasurer - where is all the money going? And why all the cuts, when last year, the budget was accidentally in surplus?”

Mr Daley also raised concerns the O’Farrell Government would simply continue to slash frontline services and jobs – which is already causing chaos in NSW hospitals where $3 billion is being cut.

“Cutting spending in hospitals, police stations and emergency services is having a devastating impact in our local communities and putting lives at risk,” he said.

“Every budget period, Mike Baird shifts the blame onto someone else for his cuts – and this year it’s Gonski and supposed loopholes in the GST.

“The Federal Budget is clear – NSW GST revenues are up $735 million on what Mr Baird forecast last year.

“Mike Baird is trying to blame anyone but himself for his own financial mismanagement. This Treasurer is setting up more alibis than Agatha Christie.”

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