Friday, 14 June 2013

Green Square Railway Station Access - Pedestrians have been heard!

We have had a tremendous outcome to our community campaign for safe pedestrian access to Green Square Station.
The Minister for Roads has written to me advising that four new pedestrian crossings are proposed for the station precinct: 
·        across O’Riordan Street,
·        across Bourke Street, and
·        in two locations over Wyndham Street.
The current situation sees commuters facing a 1.1 km walk to legally cross the road or face death or serious injury playing chicken running across four lanes of extremely heavy traffic, just to gain entry to the station. This monumental planning failure creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians, cyclists, parents with prams and for people with disabilities.
On my representations, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has reviewed pedestrian access to this precinct.  Detailed designs have been prepared which will see construction of four new crossings and the updating of existing traffic signals at Green Square. 
Funding for construction is being negotiated now between RMS and the City of Sydney Council with a view to works being undertaken in 2013/14.
Demand for Green Square Station continues to grow with the removal of the station access fee by the former government, the huge population expansion around the station, and the planning policies of the City of Sydney Council designed to increase the volume of people using public transport and not needing a car, thanks to an efficient and reliable public transport system.
I thank the Minister for Roads for his support, the City of Sydney Council for their co-operation and generous financial contribution and Alexandria businesswoman, Juliet Bar of Wildwood Designs, who has kept this issue on the agenda for many months.
Pleasingly, the safety concerns of our community have been heard.

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