Saturday 14 March 2020

Former President of Macedonia, Dr Gjorge Ivanov visits Australia

Tali Baltineshter a "Superstar" in the making

Infrastructure Australia say Greens Square Light Rail is "High Priority"

Chances are you are reading or watching this packed into a train like a sardine, trying to fit onto a platform on Green Square Train Station, or sitting on a bus trapped in traffic gridlock.
Infrastructure Australia, our nations independent infrastructure adviser, released their 2020 Infrastructure Priority List and guess what? It recommends as a “high priority” light rail for Green Square. For years I have been demanding the Sydney Metro go through Green Square and Rosebery, and not Waterloo which is only 10 minutes walk from Redfern Train Station. $3 billion over budget the Sydney Metro is just in the wrong place. No point being an infrastructure government if everything you touch doesn’t work and the cost blows out by billions. I express my view in the video. Tell me what you think.

Opening of 2020 Law Term at the Great Synagogue, Sydney