Sunday 29 June 2014

Ron Hoenig's Heffron Gazette - June 2014

Heffron residents should have received the June 2014 edition of my newsletter called the "Ron Hoenig Heffron Gazette". It is available for download here

Thursday 19 June 2014

Protect our Curfew and Cap at Sydney Airport

Like most of you and your neighbours, I was stunned by NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner’s comments a few weeks ago, when he said the NSW Coalition Government would “vigorously” seek to increase the number of flights in to Sydney Airport and lift the curfew that is currently protecting the limited peace locals currently experience. 

Such a move would be disastrous to the way of life for people under the flight paths. I grew up in the shadow of aircraft landing and taking off from the east-west runway at Sydney Airport, and I’ve spent my entire working and public life trying to minimise the destructive effects excessive aircraft noise on individuals, and families. Now the NSW Coalition Government is seeking to increase the aircraft noise residents already deal with as part of their daily life. For those of us who put up with aircraft noise this is the worst possible news from the State Government.

Rather than lobby their federal colleagues in the Abbott Government to start work on a second airport for Sydney, the State Liberal Government has chosen to take the easy way out and place the burden of the aircraft noise solely on our shoulders. For all of us: enough is enough.

During the month of April alone, local residents endured the noise of 26,488 planes over our heads. If you feel that this noise is unreasonable, I encourage you to add your name to my petition calling on the NSW Coalition Government to reject this plan. Let them know exactly how we all feel about this senseless political move.

You may sign my one line petition at

I also encourage residents who feel continuously harassed by the aircraft noise to call the aircraft noise complaint hotline on 1800 802 584.

Please be assured that I will continue to advocate on behalf of local residents and our right to a little peace and quiet.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

A grateful constituent

As with most MP's constituents come to you with their concerns and you do your best for them. I received an email from a constituent expressing his appreciation for trying to help. Most say thank you, but I was particularly touched by the below email so I thought I would share the contents but not the author.

"Good Afternoon

I was wanting to send a quick email to thank Mr Hoenig for his efforts in looking into some matters for me, following a “meet and greet” at Josh Wiggins Park some months ago.

I raised two issues- one being a request to have pedestrian lights installed near the intersection of Gardeners Road and Sutherland Street due to my safety concerns, and secondly, that a direct bus route to the beach be provided for residents of parts of  Rosebery , Mascot , Zetland, Waterloo and Alexandria.

Whilst unfortunately nothing seems likely to be done with respect to these requests by the current State Government for now, I appreciated the time and effort Mr Hoenig put into following up these issues for me, even to the extent of writing to the responsible Minister with regards to one of them. At all times  Mr Hoenig was very thorough in keeping me informed of the progress of my enquiries.

It was a pleasant surprise to see my concerns  were taken so seriously by my local State Member. At  a time when there appears to be some cynicism with  the general populace with respect to the performance of our elected representatives, it did a lot to restore some of my faith in the political process.

With sincere appreciation and best wishes to Mr Hoenig."

NSW Budget ignores Heffron Electorate

Ron Hoenig MP  visiting facilities at Randwick TAFE
The Baird Liberal Government’s latest budget has again ignored the needs of the Heffron electorate and made huge cuts across the State to hospital funding and education, Member for Heffron Ron Hoenig said today.

“The basic services our local families rely on have already been decimated because of the Liberal Government’s cuts. This budget has confirmed this is only set to continue.

“For this year alone, the budget falls short $554 million of what the Australian Medical Association says is necessary for our health system to continue to function effectively.

“This is on top of the $3 billion that has already been ripped from our health system which has begun to affect the Prince of Wales Hospital.

“Only recently I presented a petition to Parliament signed by 10,000 people opposing cuts to jobs and services at the Prince of Wales Hospital. 

“Doctors, nurses, hospital staff and patients are concerned that the cuts in funding are affecting the quality of health care and are putting lives at risk.

“This budget is now only going to fuel the fear our community has for our ailing health system.

“The doctors, nurses and hospital staff do an exemplary job in our hospital but this additional strain on them is alarming.

“In a further blow to our education system, this year’s budget has revealed that another 375 TAFE teachers positions’ will be cut in the upcoming financial year, bringing the total number of jobs lost at TAFE to an astonishing 1,008 since the Liberals came into power. 

“This is on top of the $1.7 billion that the Liberals have already cut from our schools and TAFE colleges.

“I have personally met with a number of TAFE teachers who have told me that they work additional unpaid hours in order to provide students with the best opportunities.  

“The people of Heffron have a right to be fed up with the NSW Government – we need to see the improved services and infrastructure that is rightly deserved, not cut after cut,” Mr Hoenig said.

Monday 16 June 2014

Standing up for residents involves criticism but it is worth it

I have never been backward in coming forward when it comes time to defend the quality of life of those whom I have had the honour to represent. You don't win them all, but sometimes you do.

From 2008 to 2010 as Mayor of Botany Bay I waged a battle against the NSW government on behalf of the people of Pagewood when the government through a State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) wanted a 24x7 Port related operation next to Pagewood Public school and near the residential areas of Pagewood. In 2010 the government relented after the Minister visited the area. It was a great victory not just for good planning principle, but for common sense. Sometimes the little guys win.

Four years later the then Minister is criticised for not taking the advice of the department. I for one, and the people of Pagewood are grateful that he didn't.

That success was well publicised in 2010. It was published in the council newsletter called "Your City" Issue 24 Summer 2010, that went to every household in the City of Botany Bay. It is available for download at Your City.  It was also published on my blog at Sensible Planning Outcome for Pagewood 

Botany Bay Mayor Ben Keneally published on his facebook page today to clarify some matters resulting from the Sydney Morning Heralds story today. He wrote:

"It is important I clarify a couple of matters in today’s SMH. No developments have been approved by Council in relation to the two sites mentioned. More importantly, Council has never “resolved to push both developments”. Council has always supported rezoning of these sites away from 24 hour industrial use permitted by the Three Ports SEPP. Any development applications for these sites have been and will be assessed in line with all planning requirements."

"Standing up for Us" might never be easy but thats what the residents in Botany Bay and now the electorate of Heffron elected me to do.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Mascot RSL Memorial Plinth Unveiling

Ron Hoenig MP paying his respects
It was a very moving ceremony held at the Eastlakes Sports Club for the Mascot RSL Sub Branch unveiling of the Memorial Plinth and wreath laying.

Attended by our Veterans, members of the community were joined by Federal Kingsford Smith MP, Matt Thistlewaite, Botany Bay Mayor Ben Keneally, Cr Brian Troy and I.

"On this day, we recall those who, in the great tragedy of war gave their lives for Australia and for the freedom of mankind who will sleep amid the ridges of battlefields throughout the world in unknown resting places on every continent and every sea. We remember all who have given their lives in all wards in the air, sea and on land. May we and our successors, prove worth of their sacrifice" said RSL President Paul Graham.

Lest we forget.

Thursday 5 June 2014

Congratulations to our new Australian Citizens

Nothing gives me more pleasure to see the excitement in the eyes of our about to be "New Aussies" as they they take their "Pledge of Allegiance", the final step to becoming an Australian Citizen.

Randwick Town Hall this evening was filled to capacity with family, friends and special guests for a fantastic evening that will be remembered by our newest citizens for the rest of their lives.

It was a delight to join Randwick Mayor Scott Nash, Kingsford Smith Federal member Matt Thistlethwaite MP, to be a part of this wonderful event. Australia’s multicultural society is at the heart of what makes our country so great, and by continuously learning and embracing each other’s cultures and experiences we can ally grow together. I congratulate our newest citizens and welcome them as a fellow Australians.

Sunday 1 June 2014

Jewish Communal Appeal (JCA) 2014 Eastern Suburbs Awards Night

It was a privilege to present "Outstanding Service Awards" and to to be amongst 600 guests at the Jewish Communal Appeal (JCA) at Royal Randwick Racecourse for the JCA's 2014 Eastern Suburbs Communal Event and Awards Night.

The JCA is the communal hub of the NSW and ACT Jewish communities, connecting the needs of Jewish communal members with the services Jewish communal organisations provide

The JCA have a mandate "to serve in the best interests of the NSW and ACT Jewish communities through the raising and allocation of funds to support outstanding and cost effective programs and social infrastructure. This can and will only be achieved through effective fundraising and collaboration with our constituents, donors, volunteers and other community stakeholders."