Tuesday 9 July 2013

Tribute to Anne Slattery - Botany Historical Trust

Ron Hoenig MP addressing the Trust meeting
I was delighted to attended the recent General Meeting of the Botany Historical Trust held at The George Hanna Memorial Museum at Mascot and pay tribute to a very special person.

I would like to thank Botany Bay City Council for the invitation to attend, as the Trust is something that I hold as great significance to me and I believe a true legacy gift for the community. I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak about the history of Botany and the creation of the Trust and the George Hanna Museum.

I would like to congratulate the Trust on what they have accomplished thus far and I would like to encourage all members to engage with the community and welcome in new members as I feel that we as a community can contribute to the Trust by getting together more often and discuss and explore the wonderful history and heritage of our great city.

As discussed at the meeting last night there are upcoming workshops, future excursions to iconic historical sites such as La Perouse and Shoalhaven and opportunities to establish sub committees. Volunteering at the museum is another way of contributing to the Trust, you would be helping grow and build on the history by researching and exploring new areas.
Anne Slattery with Ron Hoenig MP

I also had the opportunity to recognise Anne Slattery, President of the Botany Historical Trust for her tireless service to our community along with her love and passion for history. On 19 June 2013 I paid tribute to Anne at NSW Parliament House which is recorded in the Parliamentary Hansard records and last night I presented Anne with a Parliamentary certificate which briefly states Anne’s achievements and why the community recognises her for her distinction and compassion.

I would like to thank the Trusts Committee, members, Botany Bay Deputy Mayor George Glinatsis, Botany Bay City Council staff and everyone else who came along. It’s truly wonderful to see so much enthusiasm and passion on the history of our city.

If you would like to get involved with the Trust please visit the Central Library at Westfield Shoppingtown, Ground floor Banks Avenue Eastgardens or phone them on 9366 3888.