Saturday, 22 December 2012

St Spyridon College

In its 30th year, St Spyridon College continues to grow and mature in the pursuit of excellence. It was a pleasure to attend the junior schools recent Annual Prize Giving in St Spyridon Church adjoining the school. Evident from the prizes presented on the day the school has had a fantastic year both academically and in extra-curricular fields of endeavour. 

I was particularly pleased to present Nikki Cardamis my Outstanding Leadership Award for 2012. Nikki was described by Principal Mary Hamer;"Nikki is a natural leader. She displays initiative within and beyond the classroom by offering to assist in day to day routines. She offers to escort students from campus to campus, collect items required for classes and peer support and is a consistent helper in the canteen at recess and lunch times. Nikki never ignores someone in need. She is caring, kind and supportive to peers and especially to students who are younger than herself." 

I would like to make particular mention of the Junior College Principal, Mrs Mary Hamer. Having been with the school as Principal since its foundation, her remarkable contribution to the success of the school was recognised this year with the dedication of the Mrs Mary Hamer Quadrangle at the school's campus on Gardiners Road. On behalf of the community I thank her for her tireless effort in nurturing our future leaders.
Nikki Cardamis being presented with her Outstanding Leadership award by Ron Hoenig MP

Ron Hoenig MP with St Spyridon Kindergarten Class

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