Saturday, 22 December 2012

JJ Cahill Memorial High School

It was with a fond sense of remembrance that I returned recently, as I often have, to my former school JJ Cahill Memorial High School to attend its Annual Presentation Day Assembly on the 14th December. It is humbling to think that my connection with the school now spans over forty years. In that time many things have certainly changed but the dedication of its staff, the diligence of its students and its sense of community have remained unwavering. 

Principal Robin Cowin and her team of dedicated teaching and support staff are to be congratulated on another successful year in pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the classroom. 

One student and one member of staff deserve special recognition, Ciaran Bastick and Mr Joachim Cohen. 

During the Presentation Day ceremony it gave me great pleasure to present Ciaran Bastick with my Outstanding Leadership Award for 2012. Ciaran was nominated as displaying exceptional leadership qualities in all facets of his school life. He is to be congratulated on his achievements 

Finally, but certainly not least I wish to recognise Mr Joachim Cohen, the Schools Teacher-Librarian who has recently been honoured with the Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching. Mr Cohen has been recognised for his passion for utilising technology in delivering new and engaging learning experiences to his students as well his broader commitment to being at the forefront of pedagogical best practice. In particular Mr Cohen has been engaged with the DET in developing a range of Google Apps and at the outset of this year began development of an iPad App for the library at JJ Cahill. He is clearly a patently a deserving recipient and on behalf of the community I thank him for his dedication to keeping our children at the forefront of learning. 

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