Saturday, 22 December 2012

Mascot Public School

The Mascot Public School community with its Principal Annette McKeown can be rightly proud of another year of fantastic achievements. When attending the Annual Presentation Day this month I was pleased to present Thomas Rabbitt of Year Six, the School Captain with my Outstanding Leadership award for 2012. In nominating him his teachers commented that "He has shown outstanding leadership as an exemplary citizen. He truly reflects our school motto. 'Strive to Achieve'". I congratulate him again on his achievements and wish him and his classmates all the best as they make the transition into high school. 

I was particularly pleased to see that the P&C had chosen to sponsor a new series of prizes for 'Striving to Achieve'. The P&C and its President, my friend and former colleague Cr. Stan Kondilios are to be congratulated on their tireless work to support the work of the school and its staff for the benefit of the whole community.

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