Monday, 17 December 2012

O'Farrell's Recycled Sydney Airport and Port Botany Solution

Premier O'Farrell has last week recycled age old proposals of the RMS (formally RTA) to suggest he actually has the solution to Sydney Airport and Port Botany at hand. This is a lazy government that just recycled the old Labor Government  proposals and plagiarise them as if they thought about it themselves.

Of course it is important to remove bottlenecks or gridlock from around the airport and the port.

A truck layover proposed for the the Foreshore Road area is a proposal considered by the former government and not implemented. 

The one way system of Bourke Road and O'Riordan Street is a 30 year old proposal that was to be implemented 25 years ago with the Port Botany Expansion that occurred then.

The widening of Mill Pond Road as been advocated by Botany Bay City Council for 30 years. Plans have been available and costed 25 years ago. 

The road underpass of the rail line at General Holmes Drive cannot be implemented by the State Government as the rail line is owned by the Commonwealth. The proposal is an old one and there are major construction problems due to the gradient of the underpass.

If Premier O'Farrell really wants to address the gridlock in the Airport and Port Botany areas he needs to work with Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese for a co-ordinated solution.

The NSW Premier can't get Commonwealth support and funds by recycling 20 to 30 year old plans, pretend that he is being innovative, and expect Commonwealth funding.

This is a lazy Government with no ideas of its own.

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