Monday, 16 June 2014

Standing up for residents involves criticism but it is worth it

I have never been backward in coming forward when it comes time to defend the quality of life of those whom I have had the honour to represent. You don't win them all, but sometimes you do.

From 2008 to 2010 as Mayor of Botany Bay I waged a battle against the NSW government on behalf of the people of Pagewood when the government through a State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) wanted a 24x7 Port related operation next to Pagewood Public school and near the residential areas of Pagewood. In 2010 the government relented after the Minister visited the area. It was a great victory not just for good planning principle, but for common sense. Sometimes the little guys win.

Four years later the then Minister is criticised for not taking the advice of the department. I for one, and the people of Pagewood are grateful that he didn't.

That success was well publicised in 2010. It was published in the council newsletter called "Your City" Issue 24 Summer 2010, that went to every household in the City of Botany Bay. It is available for download at Your City.  It was also published on my blog at Sensible Planning Outcome for Pagewood 

Botany Bay Mayor Ben Keneally published on his facebook page today to clarify some matters resulting from the Sydney Morning Heralds story today. He wrote:

"It is important I clarify a couple of matters in today’s SMH. No developments have been approved by Council in relation to the two sites mentioned. More importantly, Council has never “resolved to push both developments”. Council has always supported rezoning of these sites away from 24 hour industrial use permitted by the Three Ports SEPP. Any development applications for these sites have been and will be assessed in line with all planning requirements."

"Standing up for Us" might never be easy but thats what the residents in Botany Bay and now the electorate of Heffron elected me to do.

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