Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A grateful constituent

As with most MP's constituents come to you with their concerns and you do your best for them. I received an email from a constituent expressing his appreciation for trying to help. Most say thank you, but I was particularly touched by the below email so I thought I would share the contents but not the author.

"Good Afternoon

I was wanting to send a quick email to thank Mr Hoenig for his efforts in looking into some matters for me, following a “meet and greet” at Josh Wiggins Park some months ago.

I raised two issues- one being a request to have pedestrian lights installed near the intersection of Gardeners Road and Sutherland Street due to my safety concerns, and secondly, that a direct bus route to the beach be provided for residents of parts of  Rosebery , Mascot , Zetland, Waterloo and Alexandria.

Whilst unfortunately nothing seems likely to be done with respect to these requests by the current State Government for now, I appreciated the time and effort Mr Hoenig put into following up these issues for me, even to the extent of writing to the responsible Minister with regards to one of them. At all times  Mr Hoenig was very thorough in keeping me informed of the progress of my enquiries.

It was a pleasant surprise to see my concerns  were taken so seriously by my local State Member. At  a time when there appears to be some cynicism with  the general populace with respect to the performance of our elected representatives, it did a lot to restore some of my faith in the political process.

With sincere appreciation and best wishes to Mr Hoenig."

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  1. Good work Ron in getting that job done via the NSW Libs, shame that your predecessor didn't do it when she was in Power would have made your job all the more easier. cheers