Thursday, 19 June 2014

Protect our Curfew and Cap at Sydney Airport

Like most of you and your neighbours, I was stunned by NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner’s comments a few weeks ago, when he said the NSW Coalition Government would “vigorously” seek to increase the number of flights in to Sydney Airport and lift the curfew that is currently protecting the limited peace locals currently experience. 

Such a move would be disastrous to the way of life for people under the flight paths. I grew up in the shadow of aircraft landing and taking off from the east-west runway at Sydney Airport, and I’ve spent my entire working and public life trying to minimise the destructive effects excessive aircraft noise on individuals, and families. Now the NSW Coalition Government is seeking to increase the aircraft noise residents already deal with as part of their daily life. For those of us who put up with aircraft noise this is the worst possible news from the State Government.

Rather than lobby their federal colleagues in the Abbott Government to start work on a second airport for Sydney, the State Liberal Government has chosen to take the easy way out and place the burden of the aircraft noise solely on our shoulders. For all of us: enough is enough.

During the month of April alone, local residents endured the noise of 26,488 planes over our heads. If you feel that this noise is unreasonable, I encourage you to add your name to my petition calling on the NSW Coalition Government to reject this plan. Let them know exactly how we all feel about this senseless political move.

You may sign my one line petition at

I also encourage residents who feel continuously harassed by the aircraft noise to call the aircraft noise complaint hotline on 1800 802 584.

Please be assured that I will continue to advocate on behalf of local residents and our right to a little peace and quiet.

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