Tuesday, 17 June 2014

NSW Budget ignores Heffron Electorate

Ron Hoenig MP  visiting facilities at Randwick TAFE
The Baird Liberal Government’s latest budget has again ignored the needs of the Heffron electorate and made huge cuts across the State to hospital funding and education, Member for Heffron Ron Hoenig said today.

“The basic services our local families rely on have already been decimated because of the Liberal Government’s cuts. This budget has confirmed this is only set to continue.

“For this year alone, the budget falls short $554 million of what the Australian Medical Association says is necessary for our health system to continue to function effectively.

“This is on top of the $3 billion that has already been ripped from our health system which has begun to affect the Prince of Wales Hospital.

“Only recently I presented a petition to Parliament signed by 10,000 people opposing cuts to jobs and services at the Prince of Wales Hospital. 

“Doctors, nurses, hospital staff and patients are concerned that the cuts in funding are affecting the quality of health care and are putting lives at risk.

“This budget is now only going to fuel the fear our community has for our ailing health system.

“The doctors, nurses and hospital staff do an exemplary job in our hospital but this additional strain on them is alarming.

“In a further blow to our education system, this year’s budget has revealed that another 375 TAFE teachers positions’ will be cut in the upcoming financial year, bringing the total number of jobs lost at TAFE to an astonishing 1,008 since the Liberals came into power. 

“This is on top of the $1.7 billion that the Liberals have already cut from our schools and TAFE colleges.

“I have personally met with a number of TAFE teachers who have told me that they work additional unpaid hours in order to provide students with the best opportunities.  

“The people of Heffron have a right to be fed up with the NSW Government – we need to see the improved services and infrastructure that is rightly deserved, not cut after cut,” Mr Hoenig said.

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