Monday, 17 February 2014

Visit to International House - University of New South Wales

Rona Wade, College Master Robert Lundy, Ron Hoenig MP & Cr. Tony Bowen
Today I had the pleasure of meeting the Master of International House Robert Lundy, board member and former student Rona Wade who took me and Cr. Tony Bowen from Randwick City Council, for a tour inside the "hallowed halls" of International House at the University of NSW.

International House is a residential college, providing affordable accommodation to senior undergraduate and post graduate students. It was established by the Rotary Club of Australia in 1968, to promote understanding between young people from different cultures. It has residents from over 80 countries including Australia.

Their mission "is to promote experiential learning, personal growth and cross understanding between students drawn from different educational, social and tunic backgrounds." Over the years it has been home to many local and international students, who, through their shared experiences of living and studying together at UNSW, have helped to foster an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Over the years International House has become synonymous with the University’s international reputation for quality education. Particularly in South East Asia, where the majority of its alumni come from.

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