Sunday, 9 February 2014

Inspirational visit to Our Big Kitchen

Rabbi Slavin, Ron Hoenig MP, General Manager Greg Fisher
It was inspirational this week to visit Our Big Kitchen with founder and director Rabbi Dovid Slavin. 

Our Big Kitchen is a non-denominational organisation which opens its doors to people from various backgrounds including prison inmates on day release, businesses looking for team building exercises and volunteers wishing to give their time to help others. 

During times of natural disaster, including the recent floods and bushfires, Our Big Kitchen has provided countless food packages for those helping to assist in the disasters and for those rebuilding their lives. Volunteers come from far and wide to lend a helping hand in the kitchen to support people in need, those going through difficult times, or those who may need assistance in getting started. 

I was thrilled to learn of the programs run by Rabbi Slavin at Our Big Kitchen, The passion Rabbi Slavin and his wife Laya have for the community is clear. Through Our Big Kitchen they have assisted in the rehabilitation of many prisoners and given them a second chance at life, something that often isn’t a popular topic to talk about.

Not only was the food and coffee wonderful, the spirit of the people giving of their time was inspiring and heart-warming. 

I was pleased to see participants learning vital culinary skills and about separate food areas in the kitchen in preparation of kosher meals. It is a great way of giving Jews and Non-Jews alike a community awareness of Kashrut or kosher cooking processes. 

Learning of the stories of Rabbi Slavin and his team bringing the community together to assist people in times of crisis is at the centre of what is so good about Our Big Kitchen. I was thoroughly impressed with Rabbi Slavin’s work ethic and dedication to simply helping others – whether through big scale projects like assisting people in times of natural disaster or nurturing individuals wanting a fresh start in life. 

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