Tuesday, 4 February 2014

John Robertson - O'Farrell can't do lockouts without late night trains

NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson has called on the O’Farrell Government to implement Labor’s policy and introduce late-night trains from Kings Cross to Town Hall and Central – and explore adding late-night services across the CityRail network on Friday and Saturday nights – as a key measure to reduce alcohol fuelled violence.

Mr Robertson said Labor committed to introduce late night train services from Kings Cross as part of its Drink Smart, Home Safe policy announced last November – measures that the O’Farrell Government responded to last week. See 

“I am disappointed that the O’Farrell Government is stubbornly refusing to act on the advice of police and medical experts and introduce late night train services on Friday and Saturday nights,” Mr Robertson said.

“Lockouts without late night trains don’t make sense and are simply a recipe for more alcohol fuelled violence.

“If the Government is happy to cut off most alcohol sales from 3am, then it must have a plan to get people home.

“On a Friday and Saturday night, at a time when cabs are scarce, the last train out of Kings Cross leaves at 1.45am – and the next one leaves at 5.15am.

“Not implementing real transport out of Kings Cross and the CBD is a recipe for disaster.

“The Government’s failure to announce any expansion of late night trains shows how badly its package to Parliament last week was cobbled together on the run.”

Shadow Transport Minister Penny Sharpe said: “If we want to improve the quality of Sydney’s nightlife – then the Government must introduce late night train services so people can move around safely and get home.”

“The reintroduction of services between Kings Cross and Town Hall and Central needs to occur as a matter of priority.

“The Government also needs to be actively exploring late night services between the City and key points on the network.”

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