Sunday, 23 February 2014

Celebrating our Diversity during International Mother Language Day

 Ron Hoenig MP with some of the guests and performers at the International Mother Language Day celebration
I joined the team at South East Neighbourhood Centre, Eastlakes, to celebrate UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day at BKK Shopping Centre.

International Mother Language Day commemorates the shooting of student protestors on  21 February 1952, fighting for the recognition of their native Bengali language.

Today was a celebration of our community’s rich cultural diversity. Gaston recited a Spanish poem from the Chilean Nobel Laureate, Pablo Neruda. Mimi taught us some words in her native Bahasa, the language of Indonesia. Shuvra sang a special song about language in Bengali. Whilst the ladies from South Sydney Community Aid entertained the crowds by singing a song and performing a traditional Chinese dance.
Thank you to South East Neighbourhood Centre for showcasing the wealth that comes from embracing our cultural diversity.

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