Sunday, 18 January 2015

Kingsford Smith Airport curfew will always be under threat by the Liberals

It was only a little over six months ago that many in the community in my electorate and surrounding electorates were stunned  when the then NSW Deputy Premier said that the NSW coalition government would "vigourously" seek to increase the number of flights into Sydney airport and lift the curfew that is currently protecting the limited piece locals currently experience.

The community was outraged and thousands of people joined in my petition which called upon the NSW Government to maintain and  protect the curfew and the cap. The petition was presented to Parliament. The Liberal Minister for Transport meekly responded to my constituents outrage with just one line: "the matter raised falls within the jurisdiction of the Australian Government". What a contemptible response.

All of us might ask why the then Deputy Premier made statements to the media in the first place saying that he would be "vigourously lobbying of the Commonwealth" and "personally urging" his federal colleagues to change the restrictions on the curfew and cap.

The reality is that the Liberal's have exposed themselves and their ambitions with Sydney Airport. They care not about the limited amount of peace we receive from the curfew and cap.

Curfews are common place around the world and we are not going to give up ours with a fight.

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