Friday, 19 December 2014

Outstanding Leadership Awards at Heffron Schools

I believe it is important to recognise our young students who show excellent leadership potential and encourage them to take on an active leadership role in their schools and communities.

When I visit our schools and meet with the Principals and teachers, it is inspiring to see how professional and dedicated they are to ensuring our children are given the best chance at a bright future. It is no wonder that our teachers are the best in the world. Their commitment to the education of our children is admirable and their contribution in shaping the future of our nation can never be underestimated.

Over the past two weeks I visited 16 schools and awarded students with not only my outstanding leadership award, but also with state representative awards, graduation certificates and other special school awards.

It really is an honour to be able to personally congratulate the students on their achievements throughout the year and I again take this opportunity to praise them on their hard work.

At some of the presentations I spoke to the students about the importance of doing your best at all times. I used a personal example from when I was at school and my father would say to me that I would “pay now or pay later but you will pay” – meaning that if I didn’t give my all to school when I was there, I would pay the consequences later. And I did! I spent six years travelling to university at night after working a full day because I had to study part time. It was an experience I’d rather forget but one that has stuck with me. For six years my father’s advice to pay now or pay later rang in my ears. It was very clear that I was paying later.

I encourage our students at all ages to really make the most of the opportunities they have at school to learn as much as they can across many disciplines. It is this time of personal development and growth which is so important and has the potential to set you up for life.

 I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday, I look forward to visiting the schools again during the 2015.
Ron with Helena Guo from Alexandria Park Community School.  Helena is the incoming vice captain for 2015 and sets a good example to her fellow students in achieving academic excellence.

Ron with Homayra Rahman from Eastlakes Public School. Homayra is a leader at all times and is a wonderful support to the school and wider community.

Ron with Mariam Kirakosyan from Erskineville Public School. Mariam has shown great maturity in undertaking and planning of the school peer program and has wonderful communication skills that allow all students to feel welcomed.

Ron with Krisi Papadatos from Gardeners Road Public School.  Krisi is involved in multiple extra curricula activities and is respectful of those around her.  

Ron with Kensington Public School School leaders Pia Michalandos, Adam Dannoun, Ian Punyawan and Hannah Fulton who have all represented Kensington Public School with great distinction.  Ron also presented Tamsin Colley with a NSW State Representative Award for her huge successes at the School Sport Australia Cross Country Championships and the graduation certificates for the year six class of 2014.

Ron with Marcus Malos from Mascot Public School who was voted by teachers for Ron's outstanding leadership award. Marcus was also a prefect this year and is a very responsible student

Ron with Caoimhe Deering from Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Waterloo.  Caoimhe has been a brilliant role model and has applied herself conscientiously to all challenges that were presented to her.

Ron with  Tolutau Boris Koula who was two state representative certificates for representing NSW in rugby union and track and field.

Ron with Emma Murphy from Our Lady of Sacred Heart College, Kensington. Emma is an outstanding leader and has been elected as the College Captain for 2015.

Ron with Alicia Bornor from Our lady of the Rosary, Kensington. Alicia shows great initiative and is an excellent role model to those around her.

Ron with Tara Keogh from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School. Tara has always been highly committed to her school as well as the Parish and leads by example at all times.

Ron with St Michael's Catholic Primary School school captain Lachlan Scott. Lachlan is a diligent worker and a role model for many at the school. 

Ron with Max Van Berkel from St Peters Public School.  Max undertakes all tasks with enthusiasm and modesty and is a good role model for those in younger years.

Ron with  Nicholas Drakoulis from St Spyridon College Junior School. Nicholas is the current vice-captain of the Junior School and is a selfless and exemplary student who represents the school at several co-curricular events.

Ron with Brianna Edwards from St Therese Catholic Primary School, Mascot.  Brianna is a high academic achiever, has represented St Therese at numerous sporting events and is a member of the film crew.

Ron with Zoe Yalouris from  is a member of the film crew.Tempe High School, Zoe is a very bright young lady who hopes to study medicine and music.

Ron with Sieli Kefu from Tempe Public School. Sieli has been an admirable leader at her school performing exemplary throughout the year and has also been a great role model to her peers.

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