Sunday, 18 January 2015

Massive Overdevelopment in Kensington & Kingsford stopped

For more than a year I have campaigning to stop the Liberal Government's "Urban Activation" policies which would have seen 20 story buildings constructed throughout Kensington and Kingsford.

Within the shadow of a state election the NSW Liberal government announced to the media that they have "dumped" their "high-rise development plans" for Kensington and Kingsford.

If the plans had succeeded, the effect on our community and our way of life would have been catastrophic. The Liberals had claimbed "Urban Activation Precincts" would deliver more homes in places with access to infrastructure, transport, services and jobs. Sounds good but it was never the case. The dream would have been our nightmare.

Our roads are already gridlocked, our schools are full and hospitals are under pressure with funding cuts and ward and bid closures. The massive high-rise apartments will overshadow our homes, blocked the daylight and invaded our privacy.

Working together we have stopped this outrageous proposal now – but we need to remain vigilant. The Liberals keep talking about Sydney having to accommodate 1.3 million people by 2031. Maybe they should look in their own backyards in the North Shore instead of in our community.

The only way we as a community can keep massive overdevelopment out of our area is to remain vigilant. I believe this has only gone away because of the election in March. Their future plans, if the Liberals are re-elected, are buried away in their recently released Metropolitan Strategy.

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