Saturday, 5 April 2014

St Peters Anglican Church - 175th anniversary of the first burial

Laurel Horton, Ron Hoenig MP, Bob Horton
It could have been 200 years ago as I was welcomed this afternoon at St Peters Anglican Church that was celebrating the 175th anniversary of the first burial at Sydney's second oldest church.

Dressed up in Victorian style clothing members of the congregation opened their doors to members of the community marking the occasion with 12 permanent information plaques that were being installed in the graveyard.

A power point presentation on "Victorian Death and Mourning", a Victorian music organ recital, a sausage sizzle and afternoon tea made the community very welcome on this historic occasion.

St Peters Church was constructed 176 years ago. The building is an early gothic revival constructed in 1838. The first person to be buried at St Peters was John Benfield, a soldier, the last burial was 1896. A total of 2,515 people were interred, two thirds being children under 10 years. That to me was an eye opener as I read the tragedies of children, as the Rev. Andrew Bruce reminded the congregation how that generation had to live with death so frequently.

I am so impressed listening to Bob and Laurel Horton and their follow congregants who do so much to educate our community about St Peters and Sydney's rich heritage.
Ron Hoenig inspecting the historic graveyard at St Peters

Ron Hoenig MP speaking to St Peters congregation and guests

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