Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Child protection a mess in NSW

The NSW Ombudsman earlier this month issued a devastating report on child protection services in this state.

The Ombudsman’s report found:
  • “Young people continuing to get lost in the system”. (p6)
  • “The statutory child protection system is still struggling to meet the demands placed on it”. (p8)
  • “Response rates will remain inadequate without the injection of further targeted resources”. (p13)
Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services Linda Burney said today that the Ombudsman's report had prompted Labor to demand the Minister, Pru Goward be removed from the portfolio.

Following MS Goward's removal from the portfolio today and being appointed Minister for Planning, Ms Burney said; “The decision to remove Pru Goward from Community Services is appropriate and one that Labor has long demanded – however it is extraordinary that she has been rewarded for her incompetence.”

“The NSW Ombudsman has shined a light on the full extent of the crisis in NSW child protection,” Ms Burney said.

Ms Burney called on the new Minister Gabrielle Upton to commit to implementing all the Ombudsman’s recommendations and righting the child protection tragedy that is unfolding across our State.

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