Monday, 15 April 2013

Soaring Power Bills under Mr O'Farrell's Liberals lead to record household disconnections

The record number of household disconnections in NSW are a direct result of Barry O’Farrell’s failure to put downward pressure on electricity prices, Opposition Leader John Robertson said today.

According to a new report by the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, 23,000 people had their electricity cut off in the past year – including 44 per cent in paid employment.

In just two years, the O’Farrell Government has inflicted electricity price rises of up to $594 a year on NSW families. This includes:
  • An 18 per cent increase signed off by Barry O’Farrell in July 2011
  • An additional increase in July 2012 of 10 per cent for customers with Ausgrid, 9.5 per cent with Essential Energy and 2 per cent with Endeavour Energy.
The Government is also putting upward pressure on power bills by gouging a record $1.153 billion from the electricity companies – breaking its promise to freeze dividends.

"Mr O’Farrell promised to tackle the cost of living – but the electricity price rises under his Government have been relentless,” Mr Robertson said.

“The report by the Public Interest Advocacy Centre should serve as a wake-up call to anyone concerned about rising cost of living pressures in NSW."

“With winter approaching, thousands of households are having their electricity turned off because they simply can’t afford it.”

Premier O’Farrell has no concern for ordinary families battling to make ends meet. The State Government has got to show mercy and stop these power bill increases.

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