Monday, 29 April 2013

New report confirms electricity privatisation will send bills soaring

A new report released by The Australia Institute today has confirmed selling off the State’s poles and wires would likely send electricity bills soaring even higher for NSW families.

The Consumers Pay for Power Privatisation report released today confirms electricity privatisation has dramatically increased energy prices in Victoria, and failed to improve efficiency in the sector.

Since Victoria privatised electricity, energy prices have risen by a whopping 170 per cent.

Opposition Leader John Robertson said the report confirmed yet again that selling the State’s poles and wires would send prices soaring for families – and Premier O’Farrell should rule it out today.

“We know that selling off the State’s poles and wires will send electricity bills skyrocketing for NSW families, and that’s why Barry O’Farrell needs to rule it out today,” Mr Robertson said. 

“In Victoria, electricity privatisation saw energy bills increase by 170 per cent. NSW families simply can’t afford to have the same huge price hikes here. 

“Since Barry O’Farrell came to office, electricity prices have increased by as much as $750 for the average NSW household.

“If the Premier and Treasurer have any understanding of the pressure rising electricity bills are having on NSW families, they will categorically rule out selling the poles and wires today.”

The O'Farrell Government's willingness to increase electricity bills for families already struggling with the rising cost of living shows they just don't understand the pressure NSW households are already under. If Barry O’Farrell privatises the State’s electricity assets it would spell disaster for families across the State, who just can’t afford more energy price hikes.

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