Thursday, 4 April 2013

Public Housing Pensions Hit as O'Farrell snatches pensions back

Pensioners, war widows and veterans in my electorate who live in public housing have had their recent Commonwealth pension increase snatched back by the O’Farrell Government.  My electorate has the highest public housing tenants in the state.

On March 20, pensioners across Australia received  fortnightly increase of $35.80 for singles and $54 for couples. 

However, the O’Farrell Government has confirmed it will raise public housing rents to take into account the pension increase – raiding money meant to help pensioners cope with the rising cost of living. 

Pensioners in my electorate received a payment increase on March 20 – but the O’Farrell Government has snatched it away. This is a mean and predatory act by the State Government. 

With winter around the corner, pensioners in my electorate could have really done with a little extra money to help pay the electricity bill. When you scrimp and save on a fixed income, every dollar counts. 

Rents for the poorest pensioners have already gone up $618 a year under the O’Farrell Government – even before this latest increase. The Liberals and Nationals have lost all sense of compassion for pensioners doing it tough. 

Pensioners, veterans and war widows have supported this country through thick and thin –Barry O’Farrell should respect that instead of milking them for cash. 

I encourage any pensioner affected by the increase to contact my office on 9699 8166.

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