Friday, 30 May 2014

Mike Baird a fraud on public funding of elections in NSW

"I have formed the view that donations are at a corrosive level in New South Wales and significant donation limits, combined with stronger public funding, can ensure that electors are properly informed and also confident in the integrity of the electoral process. I will be arguing for this reform over coming months." Mike Baird's Inaugural Speech to the NSW Parliament 29 May 2007.

This week Mike Baird, Premier of NSW had the opportunity to implement what he laid down to parliament when he was first elected. With support of the Labor Party for public funding of elections in NSW this was his moment to lead. This was his time to end the culture of allegedly corrupt donation culture that has so infected the Liberal Party. 

What did he do? He referred it off to a committee designed to ensure that complete public funding of electiions did not apply at the March 2015 elections.

He has just failed to end this culture. He is just another do nothing manipulative politician of which the public have had enough.

I had something to say in parliament this week in debate on the Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Consequential Amendment Bill 2014. The video of that speech is here:

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