Friday, 23 May 2014

Mascot Public School visit

Cr Stan Kondilos, Ron Hoenig MP and Helen Empacer
I had a great meeting with the new Principal of Mascot Public School, Helen Empacher and P & C President, Botany Bay City Councillor Stan Kondilios today. I was very impressed with Ms Empacher. Children at Mascot Public School are in very good hands with this fine principal.

The school does have a problem in King Street, Mascot due to parents parking in the Council Car Park across the road from Mascot Public School and crossing of the road with children at that location is dangerous. It is now imperative that another pedestrian crossing be provided closer to the school gate and Council Car Park. I will ask for the Local Traffic Committee at the Council consider the matter as soon as possible.

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  1. Mascot residents are not happy with the second crossing that is being built in King Street Mascot. Residents had received a letter from Botany Council stating whether they supported or objected the crossing, however Council had already made up its mind that it was going ahead.

    The current location of the 2nd crossing is placed between 2 driveways and the neighbouring car park entry/exit driveway. There are 2 garages here and is the only point of vehicle access for these residents.
    The remainder of the street in front of the school has rear lane access and off street parking.

    Residents are upset and have more reason for concern now, at the fact that it makes it extremely difficult to enter and reverse into their garages (which is the only point of vehicle access to their property) there is much more of a higher risk of someone being injured, due to the higher pedestrian access in front of their homes. It has also restricted their access into their property as the crossing is raised and can cause damage to vehicles when reversing.

    Children are unpredictable and the residents do not want to be held responsible for any injury or accident, it is not safe.

    The location of this crossing has perplexed residents as there are many other areas in the street where it could of been placed and perhaps designed differently.
    The remainder of the street in front of the school has rear lane access for vehicle access and they also have off street parking on King Street.

    Parents have been informed of where to cross when dropping and picking up their children using the appropriate measures to cross to get to the other side of the school, the crossing near the main gate of the school and the set of lights at the intersection of Botany Road and King Street, Mascot, however parents CHOOSE TO IGNORE and do not follow the safety rules in regards to crossing the road. Rules and regulations are part of everyday living and parents need to follow them and set an example for their children. It is now the long time residents of the area, who are being penalised for those parents who choose to cross the road right in front of the carpark, putting them selves, children and other members of the community in danger of causing an accident without need to.
    There has never been a pedestrian accident here, if everyone followed the rules, the school would not have an issue with parents crossing from the council car park.

    The gates where these parents are crossing have many signs and they read that there is no student or parent access, staff parking only through this gate.
    So why are parents crossing the road here in the first place, if the main gate is near the other crossing?

    The school has to many access points, there should be 1 main gate entry for parents and children to access, so there is not an overkill of having multiple pedestrian crossings in a residential area.