Thursday, 29 August 2013

Shadow Ministers and Matt Thistlewaite visit Mount Sinai College Maroubra

Principal Phil Roberts, Ron Hoenig MP, Rabbit Elie Farkas, Matt Thistlewaite, Guy Zangari MP
The Labor candidate for Kingsford Smith, Matt Thistlewaite, visited Mount Sinai College in Maroubra yesterday with Shadow Minister for Energy and Ports, Ron Hoenig MP, and Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Communities, Guy Zangari MP. The Shadow Ministers and Mr Thistlewaite met with college principal, Phil Roberts , and college rabbi, Rabbi Elie Farkas and toured the campus. 

Mr Hoenig’s children attended Mount Sinai College. Both Mr Zangari and Mr Thistlewaite were delighted to have the opportunity to see first hand the wonderful work at Mount Sinai College does in providing a modern and well rounded education for their students.

Mr Zangari said “it was wonderful to see the Jewish ethos play an integral role in the delivery of quality education”.

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