Monday, 26 August 2013

Prime Minister Rudd, Matt Thistlethwaite join me in visiting Mascot Child Care

Children, parents and staff of the Mascot Child Care Centre were thrilled today to receive a visit from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Kingsford Smith Candidate and former Senator Matt Thistlethwaite, and I this morning.

Whilst the Prime Minister and Matt Thistlethwaite, talked to the media about paid parental leave, they also took the opportunity to talk to me about the O'Farrell government cuts to early child care at Mascot Public School and Banksmeadow Public School which Mr Rudd described as appalling.

Mascot Child Centre owned and operated by Botany Bay City Council was proud to show off to the Nations Leader their magnificent,  picturesque  and well run child care centre.
Ron Hoenig MP, Matt Thistlethwaite, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

Ron Hoenig MP and Matt Thistlethwiate as Mascot Child Care Centre

Ron Hoenig MP and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Mascot Child Care Centre

Ron Hoenig MP, Matt Thisthlethwaite at Mascot Child Care

Ron Hoenig MP welcoming Prime Minister Rudd to Mascot Child Care Centre

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