Sunday, 19 May 2013

Princess Highway, Tempe - Dangerous Crossing

Constable Kenny, Ron Hoenig MP, Patrick McInerney, Tanya Burows
This week I met Senior Constable Anthony Kenny of Newtown Local Area Command on the Princes Highway at Tempe, between Fanning Street and Barden Street, to inspect the pedestrian crossing.

Although controlled by traffic lights, Tempe Public School and Tempe High School have raised with me their concerns for students crossing at this location.   Traffic volume, traffic speed, large container trucks and the close proximity of three sets of traffic lights are all factors that make this a potentially hazardous situation for our children.

I have been corresponding with Roads Minister since late last year over this issue and I invited Tempe High School P&C President,  Tanya Burrow, and Patrick McInernery, P&C representative from Tempe Public School to view first hand the pedestrian crossing difficulties with NSW Police.

Senior Constable Anthony Kenny will laisie with the RMS and ask for their traffic engineers to fully appraise this location.

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