Sunday, 19 May 2013

New draft train timetable should be released for public consultation

The new draft timetable which is set to be implemented in October has been circulated within Transport NSW but commuters are yet to know its content despite it being only 5 months before implementation.

Shadow Transport Minister Penny Sharpe has called for the draft CityRail timetable to be released for public consultation so commuters can have their say.

“I’m calling on Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian to release the draft train timetable so commuters can provide feedback before it is rolled out,” Ms Sharpe said.

“Commuters have a right to know what the new timetable will mean for them.

“What services will be cut? Will smaller stations lose services and how many stations will be skipped in the morning and afternoon peaks?"

“Rail users deserve to know if certain stations will lose direct access to the CBD and if they will be forced to change trains more often".

We have 6 stations in my electorate and many people rely on those stations to get to work, appointments and visit friends and family. Any changes to the time table will need to be fully assessed by commuters.

My fear is many stations will lose services in the name of cost cutting thereby leaving some commuters with longer journey times and more changes to get to their destination.

Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian should release the draft CityRail timetable in good faith so commuters right across Heffron can provide feedback.

Commuters spend long enough on the trains each week, they are perfect to provide feedback on what the services should be provided. They should be part of the process not left in the dark.

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