Sunday, 17 February 2019


NSW Labor will, if elected in March scrap the Liberals controversial Medium Density Housing Code (The Code). 

The Code, which was introduced by the Liberal Government in 2018, allows for the inclusion of medium density housing, such as one and two storey dual occupancies, and terraces as complying development under the State Environment Planning Policy.

Under the Code, complying developments do not require a full development application to a council, instead only a complying development certificate issued by a private certifier, taking away council and community input. This is not proper planning policy and has been done not to benefit the community only developers.

Each development need to be advertised and assessed on its individual merits after community consultation.

It is the role of government to have a legislative framework that provides an open, transparent, quick and efficient determination. It is essential that this framework allows councils to work with their communities to achieve that objective.

When Labor's spokesperson said: "The Code is just another example of the Liberal Government’s complete mismanagement of the planning system and disregard for community and council expectations;" she was right.

Labor will put people and communities back at the heart of planning and scrap the Liberal’s overdevelopment agenda.

Labor supports medium density when provided for in Local Environmental Plans, however, the failed Code was imposed on councils, and denied communities and councils input in determining what is best for their respective communities.

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