Thursday, 29 November 2018


Under a Daley Labor Government major infrastructure projects will be subject to Public Planning Inquiries (PPIs) to minimise disruption to local communities and ensure full transparency

Mr Daley said his plan would end the era of Berejiklian Government secrecy and bungles.

“It will bring to an end eight years of the Liberal Government’s secret deals with developers, toll road operators and stadium builders,” Mr Daley said.

“It will prevent wasteful disasters like the Sydney light rail and vanity projects like stadium rebuilds,” Mr Daley said.

If elected as Premier next March, Mr Daley will initiate Public Planning Inquiries (PPIs) into all infrastructure projects valued at $1 billion or more to ensure proper planning processes are followed and communities and independent experts are properly consulted.

Unlike the current Liberal planning process, PPIs would ensure that no approval for a project is granted or work commenced before a full business case is provided and independent experts have assessed the project.

A PPI will examine the feasibility of all options and do so in the full glare of the public, calling witnesses to give evidence and disclosing reports and proceedings.

PPIs would avoid planning failures of the past when, for example, bureaucrats were instructed not to examine public transport options for the southern suburbs of Sydney, which resulted in an inadequate first phase of the F6 motorway instead.

PPIs will ensure there is not a repetition of projects like the Sydney light rail disaster, which proceeded despite advice to the contrary by independent experts, Infrastructure NSW, and Infrastructure Australia. Similarly, the multi-billion dollar Northern Beaches Link tunnel promised in the heat of a by-election before any thorough appraisal was done.

Mr Daley said; “For too long decisions that affect the public have been made behind closed doors.

“This has to end. I want to bring transparency back to the planning for Sydney.

“The developers and builders get to have their say – so why not communities and independent experts. 

“Every project the Government builds is paid for with taxpayers’ money. Taxpayers are the ultimate owners of these assets and have every right to have their say.

“I’m a great believer in consulting the experts and there is no better authority on what benefits the community than the people who live there. It’s time that we allowed the public to come along and have their say.

“People should feel that they have a say in how their money is being spent n their communities. We can no longer ambush communities like this government has done on major projects like the light rail, NorthConnex or WestConnex.

“When the Government is cutting these corporate deals there is no one from the community sitting at the table – that must end.”

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