Thursday, 11 February 2016

Waterloo Metro Station in the wrong place - ridiculous

The NSW Liberal Government’s newly announced location for the proposed Sydney Metro railway station at Waterloo as ‘short-sighted’, and demonstrates complete lack on insight on to how to solve Sydney's Transport problems.

The proposed site for the new Sydney Metro railway station will be built underground between Botany Road and Cope Street, south of Raglan Street. It showns again the Baird Government is running blind when it comes to providing public transport infrastructure for Sydney and the commuting public.

Why you would place a railway station just 10 minutes’ walk north of Redfern Railway Station and 10 minutes’ walk south of Green Square Railway Station is beyond me?

The proposed location is also within 100 metres of a bus stop located on Botany Road that service commuters with direct runs to and from Central and other city centres.

The underground Metro station would be better placed around the vicinity of Danks Street and Crystal Street, Waterloo, where the influx of thousands of new residents in high density apartments have meant current bus services do not have the capacity to  meet demand.

Tens of thousands of new residents have moved into the vicinity of Danks Street, Bourke Street and Crystal Street. I am inundated with calls from residents living around the Bourke Street and Dank Street precincts for more bus services because they are tired of having to fight for a spot on a bus each morning.

Placing the Sydney Metro railway station around the Danks Street and Crystal Street precinct would provide residents with much needed public transport options and remove cars from gridlocked street.

Danks Street and Crystal Street is also a short 10 minute walk from East Village, Zetland, where fifty thousand of new residents are slated to move in, again with limited options for public transport.

The Ministers making these decisions haven’t taken the time to look at what the community needs and have got it wrong again.


  1. On what land would you put a train in your preferred location? Would you pull down terrace houses or those ugly new highrise flats. 25 years ago (approx) Waterloo and Zetland residents opposed much of this overcrowding and were ignored. Now that they have moved in they start complaining about services. The council left no ground space for any services like ambulance, fire, police, or anything else. Everything was to be sold to their 4 preferred developers. All services like that come from Redfern and leave the Redfern Waterloo people having to rely on services from the city. Perhaps the new tenants should have consulted the plan before they came and whinged.

  2. Yes it's an absolutely absurd choice of location! Everything that you've said makes sense. Now how do we get the ministers to see the logic? Is there a way to change it to a more suitable location?

  3. Can we get a petition/signatures of local residents to have the location changed to near East Village? The proposed location doesn't make sense!