Thursday, 26 November 2015

WestConnex - the most expensive traffic jam in Australia's history

The NSW Government has treated us all with total disrespect and contempt by arrogantly waiting until Parliament rose for the year before releasing the seriously flawed, 319 page, Business Case for the WestConnex project.

The document reveals that total costs for the project have, to date, blown out by an unbelievable $7 billion in taxpayer money. It also shows that the Government is still not in possession of a complete map, final designs or complete traffic modelling.

The cost benefit ratio as contained in the document estimates $1.88 generated for every dollar spent, but with the rate of cost increases, it’s doubtful that the Government will ever see a return on its investment. This is not how to run a State or properly use taxpayers' money. 

This is the most expensive traffic jam in the country’s history and the Government can’t even produce a complete map or a final design for the project.

The project was initially priced at $10 billion and has now blown out to over $17 billion, almost $7 billion more in projected costs.

At this rate, the Government will be lucky to deliver the project for under $30 billion.

Think of all the worthwhile projects -- schools, hospitals, police, teachers -- we could have for this money.

At least the Government is consistent about how regularly they screw up major infrastructure projects.

This document highlights the true incompetence of a Liberal Government that can’t deliver a project on time, or on budget.

It’s like the CBD South-East Light Rail Line, which has blown out to a price tag of over $2 billion without ever laying a single inch of track.

These surfers and merchant bankers on the Government benches are content to dig up our communities for a project that their own document says won’t work. They’re like used car salesmen, trying to sell Sydney a dud or a worthless bomb.

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