Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Toxic substances at Orica plant in Botany must be removed

The Southern Courier today published on its website today a story entitled "Heffron State MP Ron Hoenig says toxic substances at Orica plant in Botany must be removed" by Torin Chen and AAP. The article is here.

"With the French Environment Minister rebuffing Australia’s last move to export the world’s largest shipment of HCB, we must stand strong on efforts to rid Botany of this toxic legacy, Heffron State Labor MP Ron Hoenig says.

Mr Hoenig told the Southern Courier that Orica’s stockpile of HCB substance should be removed from Botany Bay and the only suitable place for the toxic waste to be destroyed was in Europe.

“This heinous HCB substance on the Orica site needs to be destroyed by world’s best practice, which is only available in Europe,” he said.

“There is no facility in Australia and no prospect of there being a facility in Australia for the next 10 years that can destroy this waste.

“It is dangerous and it must be removed from the foreshores of Botany Bay.’’

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