Sunday, 16 March 2014

M1 to M2 Motorway - Whose idea was it? Anthony Albanese and Labor

NSW Shadow Minister for Roads Walt Secord has today welcomed the re-announcement by the Prime Minister and Premier to provide $405 million towards a new toll road linking Sydney’s F3 (M1) to M2 with a tunnel under Pennant Hills Road.

But Mr Secord pointed out that the previous Federal Labor Government had actually signed an inter-governmental agreement with the O’Farrell Government on June 21, 2013 at State Parliament.

Mr Secord said motorists had a right to be cynical about the O’Farrell Government and the best response was for the Premier to name an exact date for the beginning of actual construction.

“Barry O’Farrell and his media team are just being tricky. They re-name the State’s motorways and they then re-announce the funding agreements or push back their completion dates like the Pacific Highway which has shifted from 2016 to after 2020,” Mr Secord said.

“We are now entering the fourth year of the O’Farrell Government and we have yet to see a single kilometre of new motorway in Sydney under Barry O’Farrell’s watch.

“Families want to see real solutions and see the choke-hold of congestion lifted off Sydney.

“Sydney is now the seventh most congested city in the western world – just behind Los Angeles.

“Motorists are spending hours in traffic when they should be home with their families.

“Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons are the worst times to be on Sydney roads and Saturday mornings is as congested as a working week day.

“Last week, we had two separate incidents and the whole city ground to a halt with kilometres of traffic jams and people waiting for hours to pick up their kids at child care.”

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