Saturday, 12 October 2013

Botany Bay City thanks volunteers

Ron Hoenig MP, Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge
I was delighted to attend the Botany Bay City Council’s annual Thank you Dinner for Volunteers on Thursday evening at the Lakes Golf Club in Eastlakes.

It was truly overwhelming to see how many great volunteer groups and participants we have in this great local city of Botany.

The evening was all about recognising the wonderful people who give up their time for the benefit of others, who are selfless and want to make the community a great place to live in.

I believe volunteering is a great way to meet people, you get to know your local community, learn new skills, learn more about yourself, and help others who are less fortunate by contributing to a cause or a group that can make a real difference to someone or many people.

I would like to sincerely thank the following groups for their contribution, time and dedication; Meals on Wheels, SES, Access Committee, Senior Citizens Advisory Committee, Botany Historical Trust Executive and the local knitting group.

I was inspired to learn that most of the volunteers from one organisation were also volunteers for another organisation. These men and women are true heroes and our community would not be same without them.

I had the opportunity to present Ben Keneally, Mayor of Botany with a framed certificate that has been recorded in the NSW Parliamentary Hansard dedicated to the late Ms Nancy Hillier who was an environmental activist who fought on issues that were important to the community. Nancy also volunteered her time to many organisations; one of her favourite was the Botany Historical Trust. The certificate will be placed in the George Hanna Memorial Museum and Mascot Library.

I also made a presentation to Ms Jacqueline Milledge former President of the Botany Historical Trust. Jacqueline been a tireless worker for the trust and, despite enormous pressures in her role as a Local Court magistrate, she has given her time, energy and knowledge to documenting, preserving and celebrating the city of Botany Bay's fine history. I wanted to pay tribute to Her Honour and thank her sincerely for her service to the community.

I would like pay tribute to Botany Bay City Council for putting on this event, it is so important to recognise the tremendous work of volunteers and what inspiration they bring to our community.
 Ron Hoenig MP,  Caterina Taviani (Meals on Wheels)

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